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About The Captyn

CaptynClyde is a webcomic created, written and drawn by Ben Sanczel featuring a sea captain and his crab, Pinch, as they travel the ocean in an effort to avoid society.

Inspired by syndicated comic strips such as Bill Watterson's "Calvin and Hobbes", Gary Larson's "The Far Side" and Mark Tatulli's "Liō", CaptynClyde is a daily webcomic strip distributed exclusively online on various social media sites as well as this site,

The first CaptynClyde comic was published on October 21, 2019, however the Captyn Clyde character was first drawn in January 2017 and looked very different than the way he would ultimately appear in the comic strip.

First drawing of CaptynClyde with mermaids
The first drawing of what would become the CaptynClyde character drawn in January 2017.

CaptynClyde on the rocks
Drawn soon after the first, this shows Clyde in his outfit along with the first image of his crab, Pinch. The caption that was written with this when it was posted on Instagram reads "It'd be neat to make a little comic or cartoon about this guy. I'll have to write something up"

CaptynClyde on the docks
Shortly after the first two images, this shows the character taking shape and looking very close to the final version.

CaptynClyde pooping
Originally CaptynClyde was going to be a cartoon. This was part of the first scene with the Captyn taking a dump off the boat.

CaptynClyde pooping
The final version of CaptynClyde and Pinch drawn in September 2019 shows the way they would appear in the first comic.

Future plans for CaptynClyde include introducing more characters into the daily strip, such as a sea turtle named Turpin, sea gulls, Clyde's nemisis in the form of a giant octopus, and Clyde's ex, played by a mermaid.

I hope you enjoy the comics and stick around to see what becomes of it all. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read this little post about the comic.